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A Tribute to Ron Waynant

Recently, at the SPIE BioPhotonics West Conference, a sub-conference and Invited Talk was dedicated to Ron Waynant, PhD. The presentation, co-authored by Israel Gannot, PhD, Ilko Ilev, PhD, Juanita Anders, PhD,  and Jin Kang, PhD, emphasized Dr. Waynant's contributions and impact on the field of Photobiomodulation.

The presentation followed his life and remarkable achievements. It described his work and original developments in three major fields of his interest: his early inventive work on vacuum ultraviolet laser radiation; specialty fiber-optics for laser transmission, especially high-power short-pulse broadband laser delivery of free-electron laser; and up to his latest work on Photobiomodulation. The authors shared their personal experience working with Dr. Waynant.

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