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ASLMS is in its fourth decade as a world leader in promoting excellence in patient care by advancing biomedical application of lasers and energy-based technologies. If you work with medical lasers and other energy-based devices in a clinical, research, educational or manufacturing capacity and are committed to continuously improving patient care, this conference is for you!

One of the primary strengths of our Society is the diversity of our membership. The ASLMS Annual Conference is one of the very few conferences driven by a common technology rather than a common specialty. Experts in one field can learn about exciting developments occurring in other fields and integrate them into their own research or clinical practice.

Hear what your colleagues have to say about the premier international meeting in the field of medical lasers and energy-based technologies.

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Key Benefits for Attendees

Learn from the best of the best about the latest laser and energy-based medicine and surgery technologies, techniques, protocols and applications. Hundreds of clinical studies are presented each year to highlight the latest advances and newest devices on the market.

Network with thousands of professionals in laser and energy-based medicine technology, safety and patient care. Whether in the classroom, hallway or at one of the evening social events, connecting with peers and pioneers in the field provides a key to your professional success.

Explore the Exhibit Hall, featuring exhibitors showcasing new technologies and applications to enhance patient care. The conference schedule offers plenty of time to walk the hall and see the innovations in action.

Prepare for career success. The conference offers undergraduate and graduate students, residents, fellows-in-training and post-doctoral candidates the opportunity to meet and learn from the industry leaders and pioneers, as well as the chance to present their research at a world-renowned conference. ASLMS offers students, residents, fellows, and early career scientists free membership for the course of their training, and waives the conference registration fee for them as well.

Experience a fantastic location – Dallas, Texas – According to, Dallas is Texas’ most mythical city, with a past and present rich in the stuff that American legends are made of. From the legacy of JFK to its world-renowned art scene, American football fanaticism to high-end shopping, Dallas is a multifaceted city that strives to be the biggest and best.

You can find gleaming downtown skyscrapers, world-class museums and restaurants, funky neighborhoods, swanky shopping malls, gritty bars and a vibrant music scene. And the nearly year-round warm weather makes it ideal for getting work done in a cafe patio or enjoying outdoor activities.

When asked about how the conference improved knowledge, competence and professional outcomes, previous attendees said:


The organization is vital to help move the science to care.

I know how to better apply laser, light and energy-based technologies for cutaneous applications safely and effectively for my patients.

Improving day to day operations in regarding laser safety specifically improving signage and staff education.

I have a more well-rounded understanding of science and tech out there now to share with my clients and staff.


Every year participating in this ASLMS congress, I verify how efficient Photobiostimulation is and in my case, I intend to continue studies and research, especially regarding the doses delivered in the treatments for inflammation.

Try different settings/treatments and study ideas to cover knowledge gaps.

The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery is the world’s largest scientific organization dedicated to promoting research, education and high standards of clinical care in the field of medical laser applications. It provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information and participation in communicating the latest developments in laser medicine and surgery to clinicians, research investigators, government and regulatory agencies, and the public.

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