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Faculty Course Handouts / Slide Presentations

Slide Presentations are for personal use during your lecture. Handouts are for distribution to course attendees.

NOTE - This page information is not for abstract presenters. This information only pertains to Faculty of courses, workshops, breakfasts, luncheons, and special sessions.

Per ACCME/CME regulations, all presentation materials must be without the appearance of a conflict of interest and cannot contain any advertising, trade names, corporate logos, or product-group messages.

Upload Deadline - Sunday, March 18, 2018

  • This is a hard deadline for handout uploads - To ensure that ASLMS is able to distribute handouts in a timely manner to registered attendees (ACCME/CME requirements) and to ensure proper accessibility, all handouts must be turned in on time.
  • If you are not able to upload your slide presentation by March 18, 2018 the site will remain open up until the conference date. However, for best management of your presentation, we ask that you make every effort to follow the requested deadline.
  • To manage unanticipated problems, bring an additional version of your talk on a flash drive to the conference.

  • Faculty Handout Guidelines

    Important Notes

    • Lecture handouts are required for any faculty of a CME session.
      Handouts will be distributed starting approximately 2-weeks prior to the conference via electronic link to all course, workshop, breakfast and luncheon educational  program attendees.
    • On the upload site, a handout is required for any item that does NOT have “n/a” in the “Handout Uploaded” column.
    • Please follow the deadlines and provide quality content within your handout to ensure attendees receive valuable course information in a timely manner.
      • In past years, attendees commented on CME/CE Evaluations that Faculty handouts were either not available in a timely manner or that the handout content did not accurately reflect the lecture.
      • Timely, accurate information is vital to effective learning. Please support the ASLMS mission of providing quality CME/CE with a focus of continuous quality improvement and excellence in all of its activities.

    Handout Format

    • PDF.
    • White background with black text - for best readability and hassle-free printing.
    • You may use color on the handout within illustrations or for important emphasis.
    • 4 slides per page horizontal or your own outline.

    Handout Content

    • Handout must accurately represent at least 75% of your lecture content.
    • You do not need to include patient photos or other sensitive information; however, please include helpful charts, graphs, data and other information pertinent to effective learning.

  • Faculty Slide Presentation Guidelines

    Slide Presentation Format

    • PowerPoint Presentation (pptx).
    • NEW - 16:9 ratio (widescreen format).
      • Be sure your presentation is in 16:9 ratio format or it may not display correctly on the front screen!

    Slide Presentation Content

    • Internet-based, embedded content will not be supported.
    • Tip: Keep slides uncluttered, and consider using appropriate images, diagrams, tables and figures for clarity.

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