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2018 Standings

2018 Referrers - Thank You!

Top Referrers Per Category

  • Student - Praveen Arany, DDS, PhD; Benjamin Garden, MD
  • US/Canada - Jason Pozner, MD
  • International - Henry Chan, MD, PhD, FRCP; Natalia Gaidash, MD, PhD; Klaus Hoffmann, MD

All Referrers

  • Red Alinsod,MD
  • Praveen Arany, DDS, MDS, MMSc, PhD
  • Mathew Avram, MD, JD
  • Rich Bankowski
  • Jay Bhawalkar, PhD
  • Harold Brody, MD
  • Andy Castillo, MD, MBA
  • Roseann Catalano, RN, BSN
  • Henry Chan, MD, PhD, FRCP
  • Kin Chan, PhD
  • Mitchell Chasin, MD
  • David Ciocon, MD
  • Don Conant, CLS
  • Jeffrey Dawes, BSc, BComm, MBA, MD
  • Lauren Dickson, MD
  • Yan Duan, MSN
  • Kelly Exezidis, A.D.N.
  • Neil Fenske, MD
  • George Frangineas
  • Tany Futoryan, MD
  • Nataliia Gaidash, MD, PhD
  • Benjamin Garden, MD
  • James Graham, MD
  • Merete Haedersdal, MD, PhD, DMSc
  • Klaus Hoffmann, MD
  • John Hoopman, CMLSO
  • Tahl Humes, DO
  • Juli Johnson
  • Kristen Kelly, MD
  • Khalil Khatri, MD
  • Suzanne Kilmer, MD
  • Garuna Kositratna, MD
  • Marie Leger, MD, PhD
  • Boris Majaron, PhD
  • Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD
  • Mark McCune, MD
  • Bill Mitchell
  • John R Moore, MD
  • Andrea Morrison, BS, RN
  • Farhad Niroomand, MD
  • Jason Pozner, MD
  • Dianne Quibell, MD
  • Zakia Rahman, MD
  • William Ramsdell, MD
  • Lynne Reilly, BS
  • Ran Rubinstein, MD
  • Mary Stoll, AS, BS
  • Yona Tadir, MD
  • Jason Wendel, MD
  • Felicia Whitney, RN
  • Petra Wilder-Smith, DDS, PhD
  • Brian Zelickson, MD

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