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Commercial Support Guidelines

The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery was established exclusively for literary and scientific purposes. These purposes include a wide range of activities such as developing lines of communication between individuals engaged in all phases of laser technology application and development in the broad fields of laser biology, surgery and medicine; promoting the standards for the use of these technologies in biomedicine; providing continuing education; facilitating and promoting research and development; and providing high quality forums for the exchange of ideas and methodologies across laser biomedicine. As an organization accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) the following commercial support guidelines have been developed to ensure the quality of our education programs.

Conference Guidelines

  1. The ASLMS adheres to regulations as mandated by the Physician Payment Sunshine Act (“Sunshine Act”) as well as current ACCME regulations and guidelines.
  2. The ASLMS will have the ultimate responsibility for the planning, development and content of continuing education programs. Commercial supporters will not direct content or influence the planning or implementation of ASLMS programs.
  3. Commercial supporters may not organize any functions involving attendees during the actual hours of any educational program. Commercial exhibits should enhance the scientific activities of the ASLMS and not interfere with the scientific program.
  4. Commercial supporters may not use the ASLMS or annual conference logos in conjunction with advertising or promotion without written permission.
  5. All of the proceedings of the ASLMS educational programs are to be regarded as limited publication only and all property rights in the material presented, including common law copyright, are expressly reserved to the speaker and/or to the ASLMS. Any sound reproduction, transcript or other use of the material presented at an ASLMS educational program without the permission of the speaker and/or the ASLMS is prohibited to the full extent of common law copyright in such material.
  6. Support of CME programs shall be accepted only as short-term donation of equipment/accessories for continuing education courses, exhibitor registration fees or a donation of funds restricted for support of food/beverage functions.
  7. Distribution of any literature outside of the exhibit space is prohibited during scientific sessions.
  8. Commercial supporters may not engage in sales or promotional activities within scientific sessions, social events (outside of the exhibit hall) or business meetings.
  9. Commercial support of the conference through donations of equipment/accessories, donations of funds for food/beverage functions and exhibitor fees may be acknowledged on promotional materials and/or in an acknowledgement booklet or other materials distributed to attendees. However, ACCME regulations preclude the inclusion of such information in the final program. Scientific chairs may recognize the support during the announcements at the conference/courses. Corporate slogans and logos are not permissible.
  10. Program committee members may not be in a position of conflict of interest by virtue of an undisclosed relationship with industrial companies that fund CME activities or surgical research activities.
  11. The ASLMS has implemented a process where everyone who is in a position to control the content of an educational activity must disclose to us all financial relationships with any commercial interest they and their spouse/partner may have received within the last 12 months. In addition, the presenter must indicate the FDA status of the devices used for the material being presented. Should it be determined that a conflict of interest exists as a result of a financial relationship, it will need to be resolved prior to their involvement. In order to do this, all individuals who are in a position to control the content must complete a disclosure form. If any conflict develops between the time the disclosure form is completed and the educational activity, the individual must notify the ASLMS in writing and disclose the additional conflict of interest. Individuals, who refuse to disclose relevant financial relationships, will be disqualified from being a part of the planning and implementation of the CME activity.
  12. ASLMS policy and practice is that sponsorships are solicited by way of an offering to all appropriate entities based on the requirements for maintaining ACCME accreditation as well as maintaining the Society’s independence, objectivity and reputation for excellence. Offering a sponsorship opportunity to a single entity is acceptable only if the opportunity is one to renew a sponsorship and the option to renew was a provision of the original sponsorship.

Research Grants

  1. Grants or other funds to permit students, residents or fellows to attend educational events shall be permissible as long as the ASLMS, the grantee’s institution or another scientific society makes the selection of participants for these funds.
  2. Selection of research grants and/or awarding of fellowships supported by industry shall be made by the ASLMS free from any influence from industry.
  3. Commercial support of research may be recognized in the minutes of business meetings. However, commercial representatives may not occupy prominent positions at business meetings, scientific sessions, or social events.

Management of Funds

  1. Decisions regarding funding arrangements for CME programs will be the responsibility of the ASLMS. The terms, conditions and purposes of such grants and funds shall be documented by a signed agreement between the commercial supporter and the ASLMS. No funds from a commercial supporter shall be paid to members of the ASLMS Board or Executive Committee, or others involved in CME programming.
  2. Commercial support shall be disclosed in a sponsorship acknowledgement booklet or other formats as permitted by ACCME regulations. The provider’s acknowledgment and disclosure of commercial support as required by ACCME SCS 6.3 and 6.4 may state the name, mission, and areas of clinical involvement of an ACCME-defined commercial interest. Corporate logos and slogans are not permissible on CME materials or in educational content.
Approved by the Board of Directors, September 29, 2017

The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery is the world’s largest scientific organization dedicated to promoting research, education and high standards of clinical care in the field of medical laser applications. It provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information and participation in communicating the latest developments in laser medicine and surgery to clinicians, research investigators, government and regulatory agencies, and the public.

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