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Public Policy Update 2017

On-Site Supervision of a Physician

At the ASLMS Board of Directors Meeting on April 6, 2017, Dr. George Hruza, ASLMS Public Policy Director, referenced the letter from the Patients/Physicians United for Laser Safety and Efficacy in support of H5228 to protect patient safety in Rhode Island by ensuring that procedures which utilize laser and energy-based devices are performed under the on-site supervision of a physician.


At the Board of Directors meeting on August 8, 2017, Dr. Hruza reported that Rhode Island Senate Bill 147 requiring on-site supervision of a physician when procedures are delegated to non-physician providers passed on June 29. The bill was referred to the House Health, Education and Welfare Committee on June 29 and placed on the House consent calendar June 30. Unfortunately, the House adjourned and the Bill must be reintroduced next year during the regular session.

Cosmetic Tax

Dr. Hruza also reported that there is an effort to balance the budget in the State of Ohio by proposing a cosmetic tax.  Efforts to implement a cosmetic tax failed in New Jersey and Connecticut.  Efforts in Ohio appear to be positive and it is anticipated the proposal will be halted before it reaches Governor Kasich.


At the Board of Directors meeting on August 8, 2017, Dr. Hruza reported that the budget bill that was signed into law on July 1 by Governor Kasich did not include a tax on elective cosmetic procedures.


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