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Welcome to ASLMS 2023, the 42nd Annual Conference of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc.!

ASLMS is in its fifth decade as a world leader in promoting excellence in patient care by advancing biomedical application of lasers and energy-based technologies. If you work with medical lasers and other energy-based devices in a clinical, research, educational or manufacturing capacity and are committed to continuously improving patient care, this conference is for you!


Phoenix Convention Center
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Join us for four days to learn from the best of the best, network with professionals, explore the exhibits, and enhance your career, all while experiencing a fantastic location!


Phoenix Convention Center and Hyatt Regency Phoenix/Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
Phoenix, Arizona


Pre-Conference| APR 12, 2023
Conference | APR 13-16, 2023
Exhibits | APR 14-15, 2023

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ASLMS 2023 Keynote Marcie Rieke, PhD

ASLMS 2023 Keynote Speaker

Marcia Rieke, PhD

Regents Professor of Astronomy at the University of Arizona, Professor Elizabeth Roemer Endowed Chair in Astronomy 

Dr. Marcia Rieke served as the Deputy Principal Investigator on NICMOS, (the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer for the Hubble Space Telescope), the Outreach Coordinator for the Spitzer Space Telescope, and now is the Principal Investigator for the near-infrared camera (NIRCam) for the James Webb Space Telescope.

Plenary | Friday, April 14, 2023 | 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM MT

Presentation Title:  The Webb Telescope: Twenty Years in the Making but Worth the Wait!

Presentation Summary:  The James Webb Space Telescope marks a new era in space astronomy. The telescope itself is the most complicated space astronomy mission ever launched with an instrument suite designed to take maximum advantage of the telescope’s capabilities. Because of the nature of Webb, the commissioning process was highly structured with a carefully designed timeline. Dr. Rieke will discuss some of the challenges inherent in aligning the telescope optics and checking the functionality of all the systems. How the team met the challenges to achieve performance only limited by the laws of physics will be described.  She will also share some of the exciting scientific results and what they mean for our understanding of how the universe began and is changing over time.

Learn more about Dr. Rieke and the James Webb Space Telescope:


Marcia J. Rieke, PhD


Wonder Makes Me Predict the Past | Marcia J. Rieke, Astronomer
Source: University of Arizona

The University of Arizona Regents’ Professor of Astronomy Marcia Rieke is the scientist behind the incredible optics on the new James Webb Space Telescope. The camera she built will allow us to look farther out into space and further back in time than ever before–all the way to the glow left by the Big Bang–to study the evolution of our universe. 

Marcia Rieke, PhD NASA Biography

James Webb Space Telescope

James Webb TelescopeSOURCE | FOX News
Oldest known galaxies spotted by James Webb Space Telescope
A group of international astronomers has used data from the James Webb Space Telescope to report the discovery of the earliest galaxies confirmed to date...

2022 Innovator of the Year: Gregory Robinson and The James Webb Space Telescope

The James Webb telescope has come to represent something larger and grander than all of us. The long effort to get the spacecraft built, the mission it was assigned—searching for clues to the very origins of the universe—have worked a certain transcendent good...


Phoenix, Arizona

Call for Abstracts

You are invited to join the scientists, researchers, and clinicians who will present their work at the premier international meeting in the field of medical lasers and energy-based technologies.

  • Abstracts | OCT 10, 2022 - JAN 9, 2023
  • Presenting Author Educational Scholarships | OCT 10, 2022 - JAN 9, 2023
  • Late Breaking Abstracts | FEB 1 - MAR 3, 2023

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Phoenix, Arizona

Experience a Fantastic Location!

Phoenix, Arizona is where dependable sunshine, rich history, and natural beauty combine to create a timeless Southwestern backdrop.

Downtown Phoenix is home to sports arenas, live music, rooftop lounges, museums, theaters, art galleries, and more than 100 restaurants.

The conference will take place at the Phoenix Convention Center in the heart of downtown Phoenix. The ASLMS host hotels are steps away at the Hyatt Regency Phoneix and the Sheraton Phoenix Downtown. Learn More

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