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ASLMS is the world's largest professional organization dedicated to promoting

excellence in patient care by advancing laser applications and related technologies.  Many members believe the professional growth and networking opportunities available through the society are invaluable.



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Membership Fees




Associate – Any scientist, engineer, physician, other health care professional, or any individual who is qualified and duly licensed to engage in independent clinical practice and is qualified and recognized in his or her respective field.  Any individual who is recognized as being significantly involved with the laser industry shall also be eligible to become a Member.


Physician/Industry $295 (U.S.)
Scientist $160 (U.S.)
Nursing/Allied Health $115 (U.S.)




2nd Year – If you have completed your training in the last two years.


Physician/Industry $197 (U.S.)
Scientist $107 (U.S.)
Nursing/Allied Health $77 (U.S.)

1st Year – If you have completed your training in the last year.


Physician/Industry $98 (U.S.)
Scientist $53 (U.S.)
Nursing/Allied Health $38 (U.S.)

Graduate Student – Any scientist, engineer, physician, or health care professional who has earned a bachelor’s degree, and is pursuing further education in science, engineering, biology, medicine, surgery or other related discipline may be considered for Graduate Student status.


Undergraduate Student – Any student who is seeking an undergraduate degree at an accredited educational institution may be admitted as an Undergraduate Student member. This class is non-voting.


Graduate Student N/C
Student N/C






Application Details

  • The application deadline is the 15th of each month for review by the Vice President. Upon acceptance, the membership is effective the 1st of the following month.
  • Electronic applications are preferred and should be completed using Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox web browsers.


  • If you apply online, you will be prompted to establish an account prior to submitting the membership application.
  • Please complete all parts of the application.  Fill in "None" or "Inapplicable" when appropriate. Use the "Submit by E-mail" button on online applications.  Applications sent via fax and mail are acceptable.


  • All properly filed applications will be reviewed and evaluated by the Vice President. The Vice President will either approve each application or refer it to the Board of Directors for consideration.


  • If the Board of Directors denies membership to an applicant, or if the membership is approved in a class other than the class applied for, the applicant may request that the Board of Directors reconsider its decision in the manner set forth in the Board Policies.


  • After your application has been reviewed and approved by the ASLMS Vice President, you will be sent a new member letter and membership certificate.


  • All applicants for membership and all members in the Society, as a condition of their application and as a continuing condition of membership, waive the right to make any claim, file any suit or take any legal action against the Society, its agents, members, officers, directors and committees, as described in the membership application and the Board policies.
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