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Abstract Oral Presentations

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Per ACCME/CME regulations, all presentation materials must be without the appearance of a conflict of interest and cannot contain any advertising, trade names, corporate logos, or product-group messages. (Non-Commercial Interest logos, such as University or Laboratory groups are permitted.)

Important Items to Review

  • CME Directives for ASLMS Planners, Teachers and Authors
    • Important directives to review regarding the "Dos and Do Nots" for every abstract author who is participating in a CME Educational Activity. Learn More
  • ASLMS Policy on Mechanism to Identify Financial Relationships and Resolve Conflict of Interest
    • Important policy to review regarding the Mechanism to Identify Financial Relationships and Resolve Conflict of Interest. Be sure to review the section of the policy that pertains to your participation with the ASLMS. Learn More

Oral Presentation Mentorship

If you would like a presentation mentor to help review grammar or provide you with coaching tips for oral presentation, please send a copy of your PowerPoint with your request. We will pair you with an ASLMS mentor.

NEW - Upload Presentation by February 10, 2019

  • Per ACCME regulation and ASLMS policy, all presentations must be reviewed by first by Central Office staff, then by Section Chairs AND finally by the CME Director to identify and resolve all COI and to finalize acceptance for CME presentation. This is a lengthy process and we appreciate your cooperation.
  • This is a hard deadline. Non-compliant speakers may be barred from presenting for one or more years.
  • If you have further questions regarding this requirement, please contact

Abstract Slide Presentation Guidelines

presentation requirements

  • A disclosure slide listing any and all financial relationships with CME defined commercial interests acquired within the past 12 months that you have submitted to us will be automatically added to your presentation once it's uploaded.
  • Use 'generic' rather than 'brand names', include other comparable technologies in discussions, and objectively address both pros and cons.
  • Appearance of COI (i.e. bias or content directly pertinent to disclosures) is not permitted.
  • Advertising, trade names, corporate logos, or product-group messages are NOT allowed.


  • PowerPoint Presentation (pptx).
  • 16:9 ratio (widescreen format).
    • Be sure your presentation is in 16:9 ratio format or it may not display correctly on the front screen!

Length and Content

Time guidelines will be strictly enforced out of fairness.  Please be respectful of the time assigned for your talk.

  • The session Section Chair(s) will provide separate time for Q&A.
  • For logistical reasons, we will not be able to make exceptions regarding the length of any presentation.
  • We recommend you do not include movies, given time constraints and possible projection issues.
  • Internet-based, embedded content will not be supported.
  • Keep your PowerPoint within 5-10 slides for even pace and easy-to-follow presentation.
  • Tip: Focus on what you did and what it means. Keep slides uncluttered, and consider using appropriate images, diagrams, tables and figures for clarity.

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*NOTE: To protect your information, the upload site will now require a password to access it. You should have already received your password via email from the Central Office. If you need your password again, please email

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