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Thursday, March 28

NEW Introduction to Energy-Based Applications for Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM)

Participants Gynecologists, urogynecologists, physicians with special interest in menopausal medicine, dermatologists, nurse practitioners, and plastic surgeons.

Background Requirements Previous experience in the use of laser.

Educational Needs/Expected Learning Objectives Physicians will learn how and when to incorporate standardized safety and communication checklists into pre-surgical routines.

Cheryl B. Iglesia, MD  Iglesia-Cheryl-B-Thumb
Yona Tadir, MD Tadir-Yona-Thumb
Macrene R. Alexiades, MD, PhD Alexiades-Macrene-R-Thumb
G. Willy Davila, MD, FACOG Davila-G-Willy-Thumb
Adrian Gaspar, MD Gaspar-Adrian-Thumb
Fernanda H. Sakamoto, MD, PhD Sakamoto-Fernanda-H-Thumb 
Sherry Thomas, MD, MPH Thomas-Sherry-Thumb
Time Title - Presenting Author
8:00 AM - 8:05 AM Introduction and Pre-Test - Cheryl B. Iglesia, Yona Tadir
8:06 AM - 8:31 AM FDA Warning About Laser Devices For “Vaginal Rejuvenation”: What Are The Claims and What Is Expected? - Yona Tadir, Macrene R. Alexiades, Cheryl B. Iglesia
8:32 AM - 8:57 AM Biophysics of Laser and Related Technologies - Fernanda H. Sakamoto
8:58 AM - 9:23 AM Light-Based Energy and Its Interaction with Human Tissue - Fernanda H. Sakamoto
9:24 AM - 9:34 AM Q&A
9:35 AM - 10:00 AM Laser in Gynecology: Evolution and Current Clinical Use - Yona Tadir
10:01 AM - 10:26 AM Anatomy and Histology of the Lower Female Genital Tract - Cheryl B. Iglesia, Yona Tadir
10:27 AM - 10:37 AM Q&A
10:38 AM - 10:53 AM  BREAK
10:54 AM - 11:19 AM Fractional Lasers: From Dermatology to Gynecology - Macrene R. Alexiades
11:20 AM - 11:45 AM The Use of Fractional Laser and RF In Menopausal Symptoms - Sherry Thomas 
11:46 AM - 12:11 PM The Potential Use of Ablative or Non-Ablative Treatment of the Vaginal Wall - Sherry Thomas, G. Willy Davila
12:12 PM - 12:22 PM Q&A
12:23 PM - 1:15 PM LUNCH
1:16 PM - 1:41 PM Preparation of Patients and Obtaining Informed Consent Prior to Energy-Based Treatment - G. Willy Davila
1:42 PM - 2:07 PM Alternative Treatments for Stress Urinary Incontinence and Other Types of Incontinence: General Management of Urinary Symptoms in Women – When and For Whom - Cheryl B. Iglesia, Sherry Thomas, Adrian Gaspar
2:08 PM - 2:33 PM Assessment Methods of Vaginal Treatment Efficacy: From Subjective Questionnaires to Objective Histology and Optical Imaging - Sherry Thomas, Adrian Gaspar, Yona Tadir
2:34 PM - 2:44 PM Q&A
2:45 PM - 3:10 PM Biologic and Energy-Based Combination Therapies for Pelvic Floor Conditions - Adrian Gaspar, Sherry Thomas
3:11 PM - 3:36 PM The Potential Use of Lichen Sclerosus with Energy-Based Technologies - Cheryl B. Iglesia, Sherry Thomas
3:37 PM - 3:47 PM Q&A
3:48 PM - 4:03 PM BREAK
4:04 PM - 4:34 PM The Multidisciplinary Clinical Practice: Collaboration Between Gynecologists, Dermatologists and Plastic Surgeons Panel Discussion
4:35 PM - 5:10 PM Video Demonstrations and Panel Discussion
5:11 PM - 5:20 PM Q&A
5:21 PM - 5:30 PM Conclusion and Post-Test - Cheryl B. Iglesia, Yona Tadir

CME Max AMA PRA Category 1 CME Credits™, CE Max CE Contact Hours

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