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Volunteers are critical to the Society's ability to meet the diverse needs of its members. Each year the President and President-Elect appoint new members to a number of committees, which are marked:  Open to Volunteers. If you have thought about getting more involved, we may have opportunities that fit your interests. 


Audit Committee

The Audit Committee provides oversight to the Society for financial statement integrity, financial practices, management and audits, internal control systems and standards of conduct. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Vineet Mishra, MD
MEMBER     Rawaa Almukhtar, MD, MPH
MEMBER     George Hruza, MD, MBA
MEMBER     Carolyn Jacob, MD
MEMBER     Chris Manios, MD
MEMBER     Jean-Phillip Okhovat, MD, MPH
MEMBER     Taryn Travis, MD, FACS

Awards Committee

The Awards Committee recommends individuals for recognition by the Society, including the Caroline and William Mark Memorial, Ellet H. Drake Memorial, Leon Goldman Memorial, and Nursing/Allied Health Excellence Awards, as well as the Dr. Horace Furumoto Research Awards. Open to volunteers.

Chair            Laurel Morton, MD
MEMBER     Ashish C. Bhatia, MD, FAAD
MEMBER     Roy Geronemus, MD
MEMBER     Shlomit Halachmi, MD, PhD
MEMBER     George Hruza, MD, MBA 
MEMBER     Daniel Yanes, MD

CME Advisory Committee

The purpose of the CME Advisory Committee is to provide general assistance, advice, and support to the Director of CME. The committee will support the ASLMS goal to meet or exceed all requirements for accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) and assist in ensuring that ASLMS educational programs maintain compliance with ACCME and alignment with the American Medical Association (AMA) and Physician's Recognition Award (PRA) standards. The committee will also assist with providing peer review and unbiased evaluation of ASLMS educational activities and advice to the ASLMS Board of Directors, Education Committee and/or Annual Conference Program Committee on how to improve format or structure of educational activities to ensurre high-quality with valid scientific and clinical content. Open to volunteers.

MEMBER     Catherine M. DiGiorgio, MD
MEMBER     Peter R. Shumaker, MD

Concepts Committee (2022 - 2023)

The committee’s primary function is to serve in a consultative, non-voting role, consistent with the Society’s agreed upon philosophies and policies. The committee serves as a supportive entity from which the CME Provider Unit - consisting of ASLMS staff, the Director of Continuing Medical Education (CME) and the CME Advisory Committee members - may seek consultation and suggestions. The committee may provide ideas and suggestions related to overall concepts for both educational and non-educational programming and activities (Annual Conference, pre-conference courses, regional courses, social events, etc.).

CO-CHAIR   Catherine DiGiorgio, MD (2023 Program Chair)
CO-CHAIR   Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD (2023 Program Chair)
MEMBER    J. Stuart Nelson, MD, PhD (2022 Program Chair)
MEMBER    Fernanda Sakamoto, MD, PhD (2022 Program Chair)
MEMBER    TBD (2024 Program Chair)
MEMBER    TBD (2024 Program Chair)
MEMBER    Kachiu C. Lee, MD (Director Government, Communication, and Education)
MEMBER    Nathan S. Uebelhoer, MD (Exhibit Chair)
MEMBER    Lisa D. Basilavecchio, RN - (2021 Nursing Course Director)
MEMBER    Ashaki Patel, MD (Resident/Fellow Representative)
MEMBER    Bonnie C. Carney, BS, PhD (Early Career Scientist Representative)
MEMBER    Anne-Marie Hosking, MS, MD (Resident/Fellow Representative)
MEMBER    Nitesh Katta, PhD, MSc, BTech, Mtech (Early Career Scientist Representative)

Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The Constitution and Bylaws Committee deals with all questions related to the Society's governing documents, including requests for amendments. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Eric Sokol, MD
MEMBER     Mathew Avram, MD, JD
MEMBER     Henry Chan, MD, PhD, FRCP
MEMBER     David Goldberg, MD, JD
MEMBER     Bruce Katz, MD
MEMBER     J. Stuart Nelson, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Brian Raphael, MD

Digital Communications Committee

The purpose of the Digital Communications Committee is to assist ASLMS staff in reviewing and recommending activities that increase Society presence on website, social media and mobile platforms. The committee works to refine existing digital content strategies, develop new strategies to build and maintain online content and communities, and evaluate new platforms. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Omer Ibrahim, MD
MEMBER     Michael Abrouk, MD  
MEMBER     Emily Guo, MD
MEMBER     Malika Ladha, MD 
MEMBER     Morgan Murphrey, MD, MS
MEMBER     Kristel Polder, MD
MEMBER     Jennifer Sawaya, MD

Early Career Committee

The charge of the committee is to attract and retain future leaders of the ASLMS by focusing on the educational and networking needs of early career professionals interested in the field of lasers and energy-based devices. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Jordan Wang, MD, MBE, MBA
MEMBER     Shirin Bajaj, MD 
MEMBER     Lauren Bonati, MD
MEMBER     Elizabeth Kream, MD
MEMBER     Jean-Phillip Okhovat, MD, MPH
MEMBER     Rupesh Singh, PhD 
MEMBER     Pooja Sodha, MD

Early Career Mentorship Program Committee

The Mentorship Program Committee is responsible for the development and oversight of mentorship programs to ensure that participants have an enriching learning experience that contributes to their personal and professional growth and development.  The committee will develop mentorship programs to match early career members seeking learning opportunities, guidance and support from senior members willing to dedicate time and knowledge to enhance the skills of mentees. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Thomas Rohrer, MD
MEMBER     Mansee Desai, MD 
MEMBER     Vineet Mishra, MD
MEMBER     Catherine Motosko, MD
MEMBER     Pooja Sodha, MD
MEMBER     Jordan Wang, MD, MBE, MBA

Ethics and Conflicts of Interest Committee

The Ethics and Conflict of Interest Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding any matters concerning ethics or conflict of interest referred to the Committee by the Board, administrative staff or members. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Sheila Milot, MD
MEMBER     Peter C. Friedman, MD, PhD, FAAD
MEMBER     Shlomit Halachmi, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Jennifer Lin, MD
MEMBER     Eric Parlette, MD 
MEMBER     Taryn E. Travis, MD, FACS
MEMBER     Seckin Ulualp, MD

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is responsible for making recommendations regarding fiscal policy for the Society and will review yearly budgets prepared by the Treasurer who is a member of the committee. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Chris Manios, MD
MEMBER     Richard Bankowski
MEMBER     David Baxter, TD, DPhil, MBA
MEMBER     Craig Drill, MBA
MEMBER     Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD (Treasurer)
MEMBER     Vladimir Paul-Blanc, BA
MEMBER     Suzanne Trupin, MD, FACOG

Fundraising Committee

The primary responsibility of the Fundraising Committee is to solicit sponsorship funds to support ASLMS programs and raise funds to support and sustain the ASLMS research program. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Neil Sadick, MD
MEMBER     Eric F. Bernstein, MD, MSE
MEMBER     Girish Munavalli, MD, MHS, FACMS
MEMBER     E. Victor Ross, MD 
MEMBER     Jill Waibel, MD
MEMBER     Molly Wanner, MD, MBA
MEMBER     Douglas Wu, MD, PhD

Gift Acceptance Committee

The Gift Acceptance Committee is charged with the responsibility of reviewing all gifts proposed to be made to the ASLMS, properly screening, accepting or declining those gifts, and making recommendations to the Board on gift acceptance issues when appropriate. The Gift Acceptance Committee will also approve and/or direct the allocation of investment proceeds that support and carry out the mission of the ASLMS. Committee consists of the ASLMS President, President-Elect, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Chair of the Finance Committee. The ASLMS will seek the advice of legal counsel in matters relating to acceptance of gifts when appropriate.

CHAIR          Paul Friedman, MD
MEMBER     Murad Alam, MD, MSCI, MBA
MEMBER     Xing Hu (Dianna) MD, PhD
MEMBER     Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Kristen Kelly, MD
MEMBER     Chris Manios, MD
MEMBER     Arisa Ortiz, MD

Human Resources Committee

This committee shall evaluate and make recommendations to the Board regarding human resources issues, staffing and other related needs of the Society. Members will include the President, Secretary and Treasurer. If a Treasurer-Elect is serving, he or she will serve as a non-voting member of the Committee.

CHAIR          Paul Friedman, MD
MEMBER     Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Kristen Kelly, MD

Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee

The Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Accessibility (IDEA) Committee will work to create a diverse, equitable, accessible and inclusive culture for our members, industry colleagues and potential members. This committee will seek to re-examine our professional values, modify our existing policies and procedures, and remove barriers to being diverse and inclusive. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Keyvan Nouri, MD, MBA
MEMBER     Ronda Farah, MD
MEMBER     Sara Hogan, MD, MHS 
MEMBER     Karan Lal, DO, MS, FAAD
MEMBER     Vladimir Paul-Blanc, BA
MEMBER     Zakia Rahman, MD
MEMBER     Nazanin Saedi, MD

International Affairs Committee

The International Affairs Committee considers any business of the Society related to its affiliation and cooperation with other societies on an international basis. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Yakir Levin, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Mandy Chan, MBBS, MRCP
MEMBER     Agustina Echague, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Karim Elsharkawi, MD 
MEMBER     Taro Kono, MD, PhD 
MEMBER     Taryn E. Travis, MD, FACS
MEMBER     Jinze Qiu, PhD

Investment Committee

The Investment Committee assures that the investments of the Society meet the Society's investment goals. The Committee shall consist of the Secretary, Treasurer, Executive Director, current chair of the Finance Committee and a member appointed by the President-Elect to serve a three (3) year term.

CHAIR          Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Henry Chan, MD, PhD, FRCP
MEMBER     Kristen Kelly, MD
MEMBER     Chris Manios, MD
MEMBER     Vineet Mishra, MD
MEMBER     Michelle Morrison
MEMBER     Jean-Phillip Okhovat, MD, MPH 

Marketing and Public Relations Committee

The Marketing and Public Relations Committee oversees public relations and marketing activities that support the vision, mission, and policies of the Society. Activities include facilitating membership recruitment and retention, enhanced membership services, communications and promoting the Annual Conference and other activities sponsored by the Society. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Henry Chan, MD, PhD, FRCP
MEMBER     Carmen Castilla, MD
MEMBER     Catherine DiGiorgio, MD (2023 Program Chair)
MEMBER     Paul Friedman, MD
MEMBER     Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD (2023 Program Chair)
MEMBER     Kristen Kelly, MD

Membership Committee

The Membership Task Force assists ASLMS staff in reviewing and recommending activities that promote and retain members. The task force will develop new member communication strategies to keep members engaged. The task force will also evaluate member recruitment and retention programs, utilizing a variety of measures including membership satisfaction and membership trends. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR           Arisa Ortiz, MD
MEMBER      Murad Alam, MD, MSCI, MBA
MEMBER      Richard Bankowski
MEMBER      Rosanna Bermejo RN, MBA
MEMBER      Sean Boutros, MD
MEMBER      Sheetal Davitt
MEMBER      Doris Day, MD
MEMBER      Yan Duan, FNP
MEMBER      Sungat Grewal, MD
MEMBER      Kerry Heitmiller, MD
MEMBER      Sara Hogan, MD, MHS
MEMBER      Nayoung Lee, MD
MEMBER      Yakir Levin, MD, PhD
MEMBER      Chris Manios, MD
MEMBER      Hasina Maredia, MD
MEMBER      Brennan Priester, FNP-BC
MEMBER      Sara Ragi, MS
MEMBER      Suzanne Trupin, MD, FACOG
MEMBER      Jordan Wang, MD, MBE, MBA
MEMBER      Adam Wulkan, MD

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee will identify individuals who are capable, talented, interested, and willing to serve as directors and Society or division offices. The Nominating Committee shall consist of seven (7) voting members of the Society, one of which shall be the immediate Past President who shall serve as chairperson, three (3) shall be appointed by the Board of Directors at its annual meeting and the remainder shall be elected by the membership.

CHAIR          Henry Chan, MD, PhD, FRCP
MEMBER     Mathew Avram, MD, JD
MEMBER     Christine Dierickx, MD
MEMBER     Roy Geronemus, MD
MEMBER     Arielle Kauvar, MD
MEMBER     Jason Pozner, MD
MEMBER     Jill Waibel, MD

Public Policy Committee

The Public Policy Committee supports the Public Policy Director with advocacy initiatives relating to the advancement of laser technology for use in medicine and surgery. Committee members shall assist the Public Policy Director in identifying and prioritizing relevant state and federal legislative and regulatory proposals that relate to this purpose and impact members of the ASLMS. The Public Policy Committee is responsible for coordinating and partnering efforts with other like-minded healthcare organizations. The activities of the Public Policy Committee shall be limited to activities that ASLMS is permitted to engage in under Section 501(c)3 of the Internal Revenue Code and the tax-exempt status ASLMS has elected under the Code. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          George J. Hruza, MD
MEMBER     Catherine DiGiorgio, MD
MEMBER     Shlomit Halachmi, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Kachiu Lee, MD, MPH
MEMBER     Jennifer Lin, MD
MEMBER     Patricia Richey, MD 
MEMBER     Melissa Shive, MD, MPH

Research and Development Committee

The Research and Development Committee leads the development and implementation of the Society's student and non-student research initiatives. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Carolyn Jacob, MD
MEMBER     Monica Li, MD
MEMBER     Dieter Manstein, MD, PhD
MEMBER     David Ozog, MD
MEMBER     Fernanda Sakamoto, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Jordan Wang, MD, MBE, MBA
MEMBER     Douglas Wu, MD, PhD

Safety Awareness Committee

The Safety Awareness Committee will make recommendations to the Board to provide education for and promote the safe, effective and ethical use of energy-based devices.  Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Nazanin Saedi, MD
MEMBER     Joel Cohen, MD, FAAD, FACMS
MEMBER     Shraddha Desai, MD
MEMBER     John Hoopman, CMLSO
MEMBER     Arielle Kauvar, MD
MEMBER     Patti Owens, BSN, MHA, RN, CMLSO, CNOR  
MEMBER     Jacqueline Watchmater, MD

Silent Auction Committee

The primary responsibility of the Silent Auction Committee is to solicit sponsorship funds to support the annual ASLMS Silent Auction and raise funds to support and sustain the ASLMS research program. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Jason N. Pozner, MD
MEMBER     Richard Bankowski
MEMBER     Yan Duan, FNP
MEMBER     Jeremy Green, MD
MEMBER     H. Ray Jalian, MD
MEMBER     Girish Munavalli, MD, MHS, FACMS
MEMBER     Vladimir Paul-Blanc, BA
MEMBER     Hyemin Pomerantz, MD

Women in Energy-Based Devices Committee

Highlight the excellence of women involved in the ASLMS and implement strategies to advance networking and training opportunities. Promote the professional development of women using energy-based technologies at all career and training levels through teaching, mentoring and organization leadership. Open to volunteers.

CHAIR          Mona Sadeghpour, MD
MEMBER     Yan Duan, FNP
MEMBER     Anna-Marie Hosking, MS, MD
MEMBER     Arielle Kauvar, MD
MEMBER     Morgan Murphrey, MD, MS
MEMBER     Fernanda Sakamoto, MD, PhD
MEMBER     Mara Weinstein, MD


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