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Early Career Educational Resources

An ASLMS membership provides resources to help you build a strong foundation in lasers and other light energy-based technology.

Laser and Energy-Based Device Resources


Studying for your boards or just need to know more about lasers and energy-based devices? These resources, developed through ASLMS Mentorship Program projects, have the answers you need. ASLMS members have access to the full pdf documents.

ASLMS Lasers, Lights, and Energy-Based Devices: 100 Fast Facts and Pearls for Board Review and Clinical Practice

This resource focuses on understanding the basic principles underlying laser tissue interaction, the theory of selective photothermolysis, and the most frequently encountered laser indications.

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Laser Primer: Lasers and Other Energy-Based Technologies in Dermatology

An educational workbook for beginners and experts alike packed with high yield tips for lasers and energy-based devices.

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Note:  These documents are the property of ASLMS and any unauthorized use or distribution is prohibited.  ASLMS does not guarantee the accuracy of the material or information presented.

Laser and Energy-Based Device Introductory Courses

New to lasers and energy-based devices? Take advantage of these introductory courses available through the ASLMS Online Learning Center, free for ASLMS members:

Introduction to Lasers (Non-CME)

For those new to lasers in health care, this course is essential to provide a basic understanding of lasers and other light energy-based technology and their use in clinical aesthetic applications.

Understanding the Basic Principles of Photobiomodulation Therapy for Effective Clinical Application (Non-CME)

Photobiomodulation Therapy (PBMT) is a rapidly expanding, photonic based medical treatment that has wide application in many medical, dental and veterinary specialties. For clinicians and researchers new to PBMT, this course will answer many of the fundamental questions about this therapy.

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