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Charter Members of ASLMS

It was the dream of the founders that this organization be unique and include in addition to physicians/clinicians, outstanding research individuals in the areas of biophysics, biochemistry, biomedical engineering, laser biology and laser safety. There was also a small group of individuals from industry included in the original charter membership.

Charter Members
David B. Apfelberg, MD
Billie L. Aronoff, MD
Kenneth A. Arndt, MD
Alfonso E. Barnes, MD
Michael W. Berns, PhD
Milton Birnbaum, PhD
Professor Stephen G. Bown
J. Thomas Brown, MD
Sidney S. Charschan, PhD
Peter DeMarco, MD
Ellet H. Drake, MD
James P. Fidler, MD
John C. Fisher, ScD
John A. Goldman, MD
Roger J. Guidi
Lovic W. Hobby, MD
Geza J. Jako, MD
James J. Johnson
Isaac Kaplan, MD
Harvey Lash, MD
Morton R. Maser, MD
Elizabeth I. McBurney, MD
Erich C. Muehlenbeck, MD
H. Carlton Newman, DVM
Professor Kaare J. Nygaard
Robert H. Ossoff, DMD, MD
John A. Parrish, MD
Gholam A. Peyman, MD
Thomas G. Polanyi, PhD
John L. Ratz, MD
David J. Russin, MD
Bruce M. Saal, MD
David H. Sliney, PhD
Lars Othar Svaasand, PhD
Professor Wilhelm Waidelich
Robert A. Wallace
Robert Marshall Wilson, PhD
Myron L. Wolbarsht, PhD
Bruce Younger, MD
Walter O. Zuschke, MD


The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc. is the world’s largest scientific organization dedicated to promoting research, education and high standards of clinical care in the field of medical laser applications. It provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information and participation in communicating the latest developments in laser medicine and surgery to clinicians, research investigators, government and regulatory agencies, and the public.

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