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ASLMS offers FREE memberships and exciting cutting-edge learning opportunities in laser and light source sciences for undergraduate students, medical students, nursing/allied health students, residents, interns, fellows-in-training, graduate students, and post-doctoral fellows.

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Benefits of ASLMS Membership for Early Career Professionals


Sandeep S. Saluja, MD
ASLMS Resident/Fellow Board Representative, 2016 -2018

I would like to encourage all residents to join ASLMS and utilize the vast resources the Society has to offer. Having been a resident myself, I realize that we have a lot on our plates, from clinical duties to studying for the boards. It can easily be overwhelming to keep track of all the new technologies and lasers out there. But that's why it is so important to become a part of ASLMS early in your career. This way, you can broaden your knowledge and network at the same time. 

Early Career Learning Opportunities

An ASLMS membership provides resources to help you build a strong foundation in lasers and other light energy-based technology.

Laser and Energy-Based Device Resources

Studying for your boards or just need to know more about lasers and energy-based devices? These resources, developed through ASLMS Mentorship Program projects, have the answers you need. Free access for ASLMS members. Learn more

Laser and Energy-Based Device Introductory Courses
New to lasers and energy-based devices? Take advantage of introductory courses available through the ASLMS Online Learning Center, free for ASLMS members. Learn more

Member Category Member Dues Student Research Grants Preceptorships Student Board Positions Lasers in Surgery and Medicine Journal ASLMS Career Center
Undergraduate Student FREE X     X X
Graduate Student FREE X X* X X X
Resident/Intern/Fellow-in-Training/Post Doctoral Fellow FREE X X* X X X
1st Year Post Graduate 1/3 Associate Rate   X‡   X X
2nd Year Post Graduate
2/3 Associate Rate   X‡   X X
Fellow/Associate - 3 to 10 years Post Graduate Associate Rate   X‡   X X
Fellow/Associate Associate Rate       X X
Lifetime Associate FREE       X X
Honorary Member FREE       X  X

Member Category Conference Registration Early Career Abstract Session Educational Grants Receptions
Undergraduate Student Reduced Fee
Graduate Student Reduced Fee
Resident/Intern/Fellow-in-Training/Post Doctoral Fellow Reduced Fee X X X
1st Year Post Graduate Member Fee X   X
2nd Year Post Graduate Member Fee X   X
- 3 to 10 years Post Graduate
Member Fee X   X
Fellow/Associate Member Fee     X
Lifetime Associate Member Fee      X
Honorary Member Member Fee      X

Undergraduate Student – Any student who is seeking an undergraduate degree at an accredited educational institution. This class is non-voting.
Graduate Student – Any scientist, engineer, physician, or health care professional who has earned a bachelor’s degree, and is pursuing further education in science, engineering, biology, medicine, surgery or other related discipline.
Resident/Intern/Fellow-in-Training/Post Doctoral Fellow - Any MD, PhD, or post-doctoral trainee currently involved full-time in biomedical laser research who have completed their schooling and are now completing their post-grad training (up to 4-5 years from training start date for MDs; up to 7 years from training start date for PhDs)
1st Year Post Graduate – If you have completed your training in the last year.
2nd Year Post Graduate – If you have completed your training in the last two years.
Associate – Any scientist, engineer, physician, other health care professional, or any individual who is qualified and duly licensed to engage in independent clinical practice and is qualified and recognized in his or her respective field. Or, any individual who is recognized as being significantly involved with the laser industry.
Fellow – Fellows are Associates who qualify by their activities and who have been Associates in good standing for a period specified by the Board of Directors. Fellow status is renewed every three (3) years.
Lifetime Associate – A Fellow or Associate in good standing, who by reason of physical infirmity is unable to continue in scientific, biological, or medical practice or who has retired from industry, scientific, biological or medical practice who has submitted a written request to the Secretary and received approval from the Board of Directors.
Honorary Member – A person of outstanding attainment recommended by the Board of Directors and elected by the general membership. Honorary members may not vote or serve on a committee.
*ASLMS member who is a third year resident (or second year resident as long as the preceptorship occurs during their third year of residency) or in a fellowship.
‡ASLMS member who is between one and five years post medical school graduation.
** The Early Career Network Facebook group is open to any ASLMS member. The Clinical Discussion Facebook Group is open to any non-industry ASLMS member. 

The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc. is the world’s largest scientific organization dedicated to promoting research, education and high standards of clinical care in the field of medical laser applications. It provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information and participation in communicating the latest developments in laser medicine and surgery to clinicians, research investigators, government and regulatory agencies, and the public.

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