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ASLMS Resident Liaison Program

Our Resident Liaisons help to disseminate information and promote ASLMS benefits to residents in their programs. It is a great opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity for the Society and gain experience working with staff and senior leaders.

Position Description

Position Title: ASLMS Resident Liaison
Term: Effective July 1 of the year of appointment through June 30 of the following year

Primary Responsibility

The Resident Liaison will help familiarize their program with the many ASLMS resources for residents.

These resources include:

Specific Duties & Responsibilities

  • Receive and distribute important ASLMS news with their residency program
  • Stay current on ASLMS activities by reading all email communications, visiting the website frequently, and following ASLMS on all social media platforms
  • In addition, ASLMS will email important information to the Resident Liaisons to share with their residency program
  • Encourage resident involvement and participation with ASLMS
  • Participate on ASLMS social media outlets
  • Provide timely feedback to ASLMS
  • Participate in bi-annual calls with ASLMS resident/fellow board representatives and ASLMS staff, with the purpose to discuss recruitment and retention strategies
  • Near the end of the resident liaison term, assist with the recruitment and appointment of the next resident liaison


  • During the designated term as an ASLMS Resident Liaison, the resident must be enrolled in a residency program
  • Must be an ASLMS member in good standing


  • In the role of resident liaison, the individual will serve in a leadership capacity for the Society and gain experience working with staff and senior leaders
  • Resident Liaisons will be recognized at the ASLMS Annual Conference and in Society communications

Application/Selection Process

  • Each residency program may identify one member to serve as Resident Liaison
  • The procedure for the selection of the resident is up to the residency program and the program director/coordinator should have the final decision on who will serve in this role and the term for the role
  • ASLMS will provide a nomination form to be completed, signed by the Residency Program Director and Resident Liaison candidate, and submitted to ASLMS
  • The Resident Liaison and his or her respective residency program are responsible for funding any travel to the ASLMS Annual Conference

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