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Student Board Positions

The ASLMS Board welcomes the unique perspective residents, fellows and early career scientists can bring to the organization. Four Student Board Representative positions on the Board of Directors of ASLMS offer practical non-profit, non-voting board leadership experience and opportunities to receive mentoring from established leaders. In addition, the individuals will inform the board and provide a student’s perspective on issues impacting their education.


Current Student Board Representatives

Hasina Maredia, MD

Hasina Maredia, MD
(Term Ends 2025)

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Gaurav Agnihotri, MD
(Term Ends 2026)


Junsoo Lee, PhD Student
Early Career Scientist
(Term Ends 2026) 


An Early Career Scientist Student Board Representative Perspective

"My journey with ASLMS began in 2017 as a graduate student. It was my first experience being part of a conference consisting of both medical and academic professionals united by a common goal of advancing energy-based technologies and their research.

Serving as the Student Board Representative, I reached a significant turning point, learning to advocate for my peers. This has provided me with a unique and truly enlightening journey in understanding how a multifaceted society like ASLMS operates - how its core mission goals are established and put into action. As a representative, I have had the opportunity to interact with esteemed faculty and researchers at ASLMS, who help me in learning to contribute to the society's initiatives as well as advocate for early career members.

The warmth and inclusivity exhibited by the ASLMS board and its staff have been truly commendable. They have consistently encouraged and valued the input of all members. I had the privilege, together with my co-representative, of formulating strategies with the help of ASLMS staff to address grant-writing needs encountered by early career members in the society. Through such activities, I have gained a deepened appreciation for the intricate work carried out by the society and its board members to ensure its continued growth and impact. This position has not only facilitated professional networking but has also opened doors to connect with individuals who share a passion for laser- and energy-based technologies and research. ASLMS stands as the premier society for forming meaningful connections, whether for addressing clinical challenges or collaborating on research endeavors.

I wholeheartedly encourage my fellow early career professionals and anyone considering a career involving laser and light-based technologies to take up this position as it offers a chance to actively contribute, learn from esteemed colleagues, and shape the future of the field. My experience as the Student Board Representative at ASLMS has been nothing short of transformative. I encourage aspiring candidates to embark on this enriching journey, which I can ensure will help forge novel directions to their careers.

nitesh katta, Phd, MSc, BTech, MTech | Early career Scientist board representative, 2022-2024



A Resident/Fellow Student Board Representative Perspective

"As I reflect on my journey with ASLMS, I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to serve as the Resident/Fellow Board Representative for the 2022-2024 term. My involvement with ASLMS began in medical school, and since that time, ASLMS has been instrumental in supporting my education in the field of lasers and energy-based technologies. I have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to give back to a society that helped launch my career from residency to fellowship and beyond.

Serving in this role has given me the ability to network with experts in the field, including clinicians, scientists, and industry partners. I have also had the opportunity to serve on committees to help plan the annual meeting and execute strategies to increase membership and resident involvement in the society. Beyond getting a behind the scenes look at the inner workings of ASLMS, I have been able to build life-long mentorships with laser experts around the country.  

The board works hard to provide an abundant wealth of resources for residents and early career members alike. I encourage all residents to become members of ASLMS and familiarize themselves with everything the society has to offer. There are multiple opportunities to get involved, from serving as a resident liaison to participating in the mentorship program or applying to be a board representative.

I would like to sincerely thank ASLMS and my fellow board members for this opportunity—and I look forward to continuing my involvement in ASLMS for many years to come!"

Anna-marie hosking, MD | Resident/Fellow Board Representative, 2022-2024

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