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Combination Therapies

What conditions are treated with lasers/energy-based devices?

The term “combination therapies” encompasses a wide range of possibilities. Several laser devices can be used in combination to improve outcomes in the treatment of the skin. Additionally, energy-based treatments can be used as part of a total skin rejuvenation program which includes Injectables and dermal fillers for optimal results.

What devices are used in combination therapies?

The standard for really severe sun-damaged skin and scarring is the more invasive ablative fractional CO2 laser. The treatment provides greater improvement of the damage, but has a trade-off because it produces more redness and requires more pain control and downtime. A new approach is the combination of devices at the same treatment session, such as a combination of ablative and non-ablative fractional laser resurfacing or two wavelengths of non-ablative laser at the same treatment to achieve a better patient experience with less pain.

Many of the device treatments are part of a total skin rejuvenation program, which typically includes hyaluronic acid and other fillers to lift the face and neuromodulators to help with dynamic wrinkles, those created by muscle movement. With the device treatments, the process of removing old collagen and promoting production of new collagen can take several months. Using injectables in combination with the device treatment will provide a more satisfying and immediate result during the energy-based remodeling process.

What outcome should patients expect?

There are several advantages over more invasive, aggressive wrinkle treatments such as surgical facelifts. These combination therapies are minimally invasive, causing little to no discomfort or downtime from the procedure. No sedation is necessary, treatment is generally fast and performed directly at the physician's office.

Updated july 28, 2016

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