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A major advance in laser technology for tattoo removal

New commercial 730 nm laser-pumped laser proves to be safe and effective for multicolored tattoo removal

By Emilee Green | Apr 16, 2020



Wausau, WI (April 16, 2020) – The challenge with laser tattoo removal is the necessity for multiple wavelengths to remove a multicolor tattoo. Laser‐pumped lasers enable driving a secondary wavelength through pumping with a primary device. The new commercial 730 nm, picosecond‐domain, titanium‐sapphire, laser‐pumped laser was developed as a potentially more effective wavelength for removing blue, green and purple tattoos than the previous-generation 785 nm laser. This study investigates this laser-pumped laser for its efficacy in tattoo removal.   

The clinical report of this study, published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine (LSM), the official journal of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc. (ASLMS), was selected as the April 2020 Editor’s Choice.

The study, led by Eric F. Bernstein MD, MSE, is titled “The First Commercial 730 nm PicosecondDomain Laser is Safe and Effective for Treating Multicolor Tattoos.”  

This study shows the 730 nm, picosecond‐domain, titanium‐sapphire, laser‐pumped laser is safe and effective for treating blue, purple, green, and black tattoo inks in Fitzpatrick skin types I‐III.

“Laser-pumped lasers enable multiple different wavelengths or colors of light to be delivered from a single machine,” said Bernstein. “This means we can treat more colors in a tattoo or have different effects depending on each person when treating freckles for example. This was the first clinical trial of this new device, which is a major advance in laser technology.”

Having the main wavelengths used to remove most colors of tattoo ink effectively in a single device can save time, space and money that would be invested in having a second laser system. The future should bring even shorter pulse durations and never before used wavelengths to further optimize the laser treatment of tattoos.  

Eric F. Bernstein, MD, MSE received his BS from Duke University, summa cum laude with distinction in his major and his MD from the Yale University School of Medicine, where he served as Banner Bearer and Class President, and an MSE in Management of Technology from the Engineering School at the University of Pennsylvania, co-administered by the Wharton School. Dr. Bernstein holds 14 U.S. and numerous international patents, has authored over 100 scientific publications and has given more than 300 presentations worldwide.

Dr. Bernstein currently directs Main Line Center for Laser Surgery, an aesthetic laser practice in Ardmore, Pennsylvania, and proudly served as president of the ASLMS. Dr. Bernstein’s practice focuses heavily on clinical studies of new lasers and energy-based devices, and he actively participates in several science-based start-ups.

Editor’s Choice is an exclusive article published in LSM, the official journal of the ASLMS. View the complete manuscript.

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