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Nonablative Monopolar Radiofrequency Addresses Facial Pore Size, Skin Oiliness, Texture, and Elasticity

Study demonstrates the efficacy and safety of nonablative monopolar radiofrequency in the reduction of enlarged pores and sebum production, with overall clinical improvement.

By Emilee Green | Jun 14, 2023

Woraphong Manuskiatti, MDWausau, WI (June 14, 2023) – Just like skin types aren’t a one-size-fits-all thing, pores also come in all different types and sizes. There is already a lot of information about how to “get rid of them,” but this study showed that nonablative monopolar radiofrequency (NMRF) is an effective treatment to address not only facial pore size but also skin oiliness, texture, and elasticity. 

The clinical report, led by Woraphong Manuskiatti, MD, is titled, “Nonablative monopolar radiofrequency for the reduction of facial pores and sebum excretion in Thai patients: A novel approach.” The report, published in Lasers in Surgery and Medicine (LSM), the official journal of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc. (ASLMS), was selected as the June 2023 Editor’s Choice.

“The treatment for enlarged facial pores remains one of the most challenging tasks for physicians due to its dynamic and complex pathogenesis,” said Manuskiatti. “To date, it is primarily treated by addressing associative factors yielding varying results and patient satisfaction. Multitudes of treatment options speak clearly about no single efficacious treatment option available.”

This study demonstrated the efficacy and safety of nonablative monopolar radiofrequency in the reduction of enlarged pores and sebum production, with overall clinical improvement including skin texture and elasticity sustained up to 6 months after two treatment sessions.

Dr. Woraphong Manuskiatti is a Professor of Dermatology at the Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital of Mahidol University, Thailand, where he has served on full-time staff since 1998. Along with his responsibilities in teaching medical students and Dermatology residents and seeing patients, Dr. Manuskiatti has conducted extensive research in the field of laser and energy-based devices (EBDs). In addition to having published over 90 original journal articles and 13 international book chapters in the field of cutaneous laser surgery, he regularly lectures at and coordinates international conferences on skin laser surgery. Furthermore, he founded and directs the month-long Siriraj International Short Course, an innovative program aimed to educate dermatologists on basic and practical laser and EBD treatment techniques. 

Editor’s Choice is an exclusive article published in LSM, the official journal of the ASLMS. View the complete manuscript.

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