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ASLMS Annual Conference Program Chairs, CE Advisory Committee and Concepts Committee


Now accepting applications for CE Advisory Committee members!  Download the application to apply.

CE Advisory Committee


    The CE Advisory Committee shall support the ASLMS goal to meet or exceed all compliance requirements for accreditation by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). Committee members assist with providing peer review and unbiased evaluation of ASLMS accredited continuing education (CE) activities as a means of providing general assistance, advice, and support to the ASLMS Provider Unit regarding decisions on how to improve format, structure, planning processes, and content of accredited CE activities to ensure high-quality programming with valid scientific and clinical content.


    The committee shall consist of:

    • Three (3) Advisory Committee members appointed by the President.
    • Multispecialty physicians, as application, to support current educational program goals.
    • Members who have a minimum of three years of experience related to managing, directing, and/or serving as faculty for accredited CE programming.
    • Members who are not owners or employees of ACCME-defined ineligible companies and who hold no relevant financial relationships with ineligible companies.


    • Three-year terms, staggered.
    • Members may extend their term as approved by the President and so long as their relevant financial relationships remain as none.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    • Provide review and unbiased evaluation of educational activities as requested.
    • Advise, as requested by ASLMS staff, on the review of disclosures of financial relationships and educational presentations to identify relevant financial relationships.
    • Assist with the review and implementation of the Society’s accredited CE program evaluation processes and policies.
    • Review and suggest instructional material updates to maintain compliance with ACCME criteria, standards, and policies.
    • Analyze activity and program evaluation and outcomes data to identify areas for improvement.
    • Assist in evaluating annually the level to which educational activities are achieving the CME Mission and identify areas for improvement.
    • Attend the Annual Conference and other educational programs as necessary.
    • Participate in meetings as necessary.

    CE Advisory Committee Member Application



    CE Advisory Committee Applicants must:

    • NOT be owners or employees of an ACCME defined ineligible company.
    • Be a current member in good standing with the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS).
    • Have a minimum of 3-years’ experience related to managing, directing and/or serving as faculty for continuing medical education (CME) programming for the ASLMS, or another accredited provider or a combination thereof.
    • Have firm understanding of both clinical and scientific perspectives that are supportive of multispecialty, multidisciplinary goals of the Society.
    • Be willing to serve on the CE Advisory Committee for a 3-year term.

    to apply

    • REQUIRED - Log in to submit or update your disclosures. You will need to login with your ASLMS user name (email address on your contact record) and password (the one you established). Be sure to review all parts of the disclosure form carefully. Then, sign, date and select “submit”. If you need assistance with logging in email
    • REQUIRED - Send your completed application form with attached Curriculum Vitae / Resume to ASLMS using one of the methods below:
      • Email your application to
      • -OR- Mail your application to ASLMS, 100 N. 72nd Ave., Wausau, WI 54401

    Program Chairs 

    Selection Process

    The ASLMS Central office initiates a formal call to the general membership for candidates interested in the Program Chair position. Applicants can also be encouraged to apply by ASLMS leaders by using the application document(s) required. The CE Provider Unit vets applicants per determined qualifications and submitted disclosures of financial relationships. The term of the Program Chair will be contemporaneous with that of the President who is responsible for recommending the final Program Chair selection(s) from the vetted applicants to the Board for formal approval. Up to two (2) Program Chairs may be appointed each year in addition to an optional Early Career Program Chair. Each of these individuals may not be an owner or employee of an ACCME-defined ineligible company. Current members of the CE Advisory Committee shall not be eligible to be selected as Program Chairs.


    The appointed Program Chair member(s) shall serve as Program Chair-Elect during the first year of the member’s term, Program Chair and Chairperson of the committee during the second year of the member’s term, and Past-Program Chair during the third year of the member’s term.


    • Be a Fellow in the ASLMS for a minimum of three (3) years
    • Have a minimum of three (3) years of experience related to managing, directing and/or serving as faculty for accredited CE educational programming for the ASLMS, for another accredited provider, or a combination thereof
    • Must not be owners or employees of an ACCME-defined ineligible company. If a Program Chair’s disclosures are updated to reflect that they are an employee or owner of an ACCME-defined ineligible company, they must be dismissed. Disclosures include 24 months of history, but if an ownership or employee relationship has significantly changed, this may be considered as part of the mitigation process.
    • Early Career Program Chair must no longer be in training and have been actively involved with ASLMS prior to their application.

    Concepts Committee


    The committee’s primary function is to serve in a consultative, non-voting role, consistent with the Society’s agreed upon philosophies and policies. The committee serves as a supportive entity from which the CE Provider Unit consisting of ASLMS staff, the Outsourced Accredited CE Coordinator and the CE Advisory Committee members - may seek consultation and suggestions.

    The committee may provide ideas and suggestions related to overall concepts for both educational and non-educational programming and activities (Annual Conference, pre-conference courses, regional courses, social events, etc.). This committee works closely with administrative staff and others responsible for obtaining suitable event space and working with committees responsible for organizing other activities not directly related to the educational aspects of the program.  The committee will also review scholarship applications (if necessary) and select recipients from a cross section of specialties and locations both domestic and foreign. 


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