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Preceptor Requirements

  1. An ASLMS member in good standing.
  2. Qualified preceptors should be at least two years out of formal training or a minimum of one year after fellowship and have teaching and leadership experience.
  3. U.S. physicians must be board-certified by a recognized American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) member board.
  4. International applicants are required to provide documentation of qualifications as provided by their country, such as a license or certification. In addition, they are required to have two or more ASLMS members sponsor/support them. Sponsors should send an email or letter to ASLMS.
  5. The duration of each preceptorship must be clearly defined in advance and will depend on the goal of the applicant and preceptor. Each preceptorship must be a minimum of one week.
  6. Preceptors will be limited to one preceptee per year. Should multiple applications for one preceptor be received, the preceptor will be contacted by ASLMS to choose the most meritorious application.
  7. Preceptors cannot charge a fee for a preceptorship arranged through the ASLMS.
  8. The preceptor is in the role of providing the experience of an “observership.”
  9. The availability of hand-on experience depends on local practice or institutional requirements for licensure and insurance coverage.
  10. Preceptors can apply anytime to participate. The application process shall consist of:
    1. Cover letter outlining experience and qualifications that make the applicant well-suited for a role as a preceptor
    2. A list of relevant procedures that could potentially be observed during a preceptorship
    3. Current curriculum vitae
    4. Preceptor release form
  11. Preceptor applications must be approved by the ASLMS Awards Committee.
  12. Upon approval, preceptors shall be listed on the ASLMS website by name, city, state, phone number, and list of procedures included in the preceptorship.
  13. Preceptors are to be acknowledged in the following ways:
    1. Annual Conference:
      1. A ribbon´╗┐
      2. Listed in Annual Conference guide´╗┐
      3. Verbally recognized during the Plenary session
    2. Website
    3. Newsletters
    4. Targeted electronic communication

Please direct questions, comments or concerns to Diane Kemnitz at or 715-845-9283.


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