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Principles for Non-Physician Use of Laser and Related Technology

  1. Any physician who delegates a procedure to a non-physician must be qualified to do these laser and related procedures themselves by virtue of having received appropriate training in laser physics, safety, surgical techniques, pre- and post-operative care. The physician must be able to recognize complications and provide expeditious treatment to minimize an adverse outcome.
  2. Any licensed medical professional employed by a physician to perform a procedure must receive appropriate documented training and education in the safe and effective use of each system, be a licensed medical professional in their state, and carry adequate malpractice insurance for that procedure.
  3. A properly trained and licensed medical professional may deliver these specifically designed procedures only under direct, on-site physician supervision following written procedures and/or policies established by the specific site at which the procedure is performed. Such conduct of procedures and any delegation thereof must only be performed in compliance with the specific regulations of the State Medical Board and State licensing authorities, with respect to scope of practice and training.
  4. Since the ultimate responsibility for performing any procedure lies with the supervising physician, the physician should be available on-site to respond to immediately to any untoward event.

The guiding principle for all physicians is to practice ethical medicine with the highest possible standards to ensure the best interest and welfare of each patient is guaranteed. The ASLMS supports the delivery of safe and effective laser and related procedures performed by properly trained, licensed, and supervised medical professionals.

The aforementioned devices refer to those classified by the FDA as Class IIIb or Class IV devices.

Approved by the Board of Directors
American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery
August 2, 2012

Reviewed by the Safety Awareness Committee in 2020


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