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Suggested Outline for Specific Laser Courses

Category D Review


Courses in this category are specifically designed for individuals with basic laser training who have already had experience in laser applications, but now wish to become versed in a new laser wavelength or procedure. Such courses usually are one day in length.

I. Introduction and welcome
     A. Self-graded pre-test where appropriate

II. Basic science fundamentals and fundamentals of laser physics

III. Physiology and procedures appropriate to the wavelength

IV. Application of the laser wavelength to the clinical situations (specialty specific)
     A. Discussion of basic pathology in the specialty
     B. Brief discussion of alternate methods of treatment and results
     C. Specific discussion of laser treatment and results
          1. Method of treatment
          2. Specific equipment and/or space requirements
          3. Long term results
          4. Pathological slides
          5. Indications, contraindications
          6. Follow-up care
          7. Results of treatment
          8. Side effects and complications
          9. Practice organization and management
          10. Financial and insurance considerations
          11. Malpractice considerations
          12. Record keeping including hazard documentation
          13. Forms, correspondence, office administration

V. Laser safety - specific to wavelength and procedure
     A. OSHA requirements
     B. Eye protection
     C. Thermal damage hazard protection
     D. Personnel laser safety principles and protocol

VI. Complete bibliography specific to the wavelength and specialty

VII. Research concepts

VIII. Future developments

IX. Conclusion
     A. Self-graded post test
     B. Course evaluation
     C. Certificate of attendance

X. Hands-on laser experience with one expert per three to four attendees
     A. Minimal of 25% of time devoted to lab
     B. Appropriate inanimate or live objects
     C. Observe all safety precautions
     D. Observation of clinical procedures where appropriate or viewing of videotapes


This revised outline represents the knowledge that is available to the Board of Directors of the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery, Inc. as of April 3, 2008.    

Reviewed by the Safety Awareness Committee in 2020

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