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Caroline & William Mark Memorial Award

Learn more about our 2023 award recipients. Nominations for 2024 awards will open this summer. 

William and Caroline Mark

This award was established in 1982 to recognize individuals for their accomplishments in either the research or clinical field, based on their lifetime contribution to laser technology. It is given in memory of Caroline and William Mark, who were pivotal in the formation of The American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery.

This award may be given to ASLMS members only. The award recipient will receive a plaque and $2,000 at the Annual Conference and will be required to present a lecture at the conference.

The candidate must meet the following criteria in order to be considered for this award:

  1. A caliber of work that has achieved previous recognition from his/her colleagues
  2. Candidates should not be limited to individuals in academia, but should include representatives from areas of private clinical endeavor

No award will be granted to any person if the award would be contrary to any United States law, including but not limited to trade embargoes administered by the U.S. Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control.

Support for this project was provided through the A. Ward Ford Memorial Institute Fund of the Community Foundation of North Central Wisconsin. 

2023 Recipient


Christopher B. Zachary, MBBS, FRCP


Past Recipients

2022 - Jeffrey S. Dover, MD, FRCPC
2021 - Yona Tadir, MD
2020 - Suzanne L. Kilmer, MD
2019 - Bahman Anvari, PhD
2018 - David J. Goldberg, MD, JD
2017 - Thomas Milner, PhD
2016 - David H. Sliney, PhD
2015 - Duco Jansen, PhD
2014 - Reginald Birngruber, PhD
2013 - William A. Farinelli, BA
2012 - James C. Hsia, PhD
2011 - Franz Hillenkamp, PhD
2010 - E. Victor Ross, MD
2009 - J. Stuart Nelson, MD
2008 - Richard E. Fitzpatrick, MD
2007 - Serge Mordon, PhD
2006 - Joseph T. Walsh, Jr., PhD
2005 - Lars Svaasand, MSc
2004 - Brian C. Wilson, PhD
2003 - Martin J.C. Van Gemert, PhD
2002 - Ashley J. Welch, PhD
2001 - Raymond J. Lanzafame, MD, MBA


2000 - Isaac Kaplan, MD
1999 - Richard O. Gregory, MD
1998 - George S. Abela, MD
1997 - R. Rox Anderson, MD
1996 - Kenneth A. Arndt, MD
1995 - Ronald G. Wheeland, MD
1994 - Marvin P. Fried, MD
1993 - James S. McCaughan, Jr., MD
1992 - Robert H. Ossoff, DMD, MD
1991 - John A. Parrish, MD
1990 - Michael W. Berns, PhD
1989 - Myron L. Wolbarsht, PhD
1988 - John A. Dixon, MD
1987 - Leonard J. Cerullo, MD
1986 - Francis L'Esperance, MD
1985 - Joseph H. Bellina, MD
1984 - Geza J. Jako, MD
1983 - Thomas J. Dougherty, PhD
1982 - Leon Goldman, MD


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